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  • Mt Fuji 9th Station, waiting for sun to rise

    2012 - 02.23

    Some cool funny video images:

    Mt Fuji 9th Station, waiting for sun to rise
    funny video

    Image by diloz
    The story of two amateur hikers yet ambitious photographer trying to conquer Mt.Fuji.

    We set off at 7.00pm from Shinjuku station to Mt Fuji 5th Station,Kawaguchi-ko, Yamanashi Route,the most popular route. It took 2 hours by bus. Cost = JPY5200/person (return).

    Started hiking at 10.00pm in the evening, with the world’s most unprepared hiking gears.

    Heard a caucasian talking "dude whats the point, we’re going to die out there". We found that so funny.

    After 7 hours of cold wind, altitude sickness, we reached the top just before sunrise. We reached the summit at 6.45 am.

    Altitude sickness caught Diloz, as we reached summit.

    Temperature at 8th station to summit probably 0 celsius with strong winds.

    Hardest part of the journey was going down. 3 hours of poor trails. Arrive back at shinjuku 3.00pm the next day.

    Will be constantly updated. Coming soon videos of our journey. All praise to god for such a beautiful experiance.


    flickr set : www.flickr.com/photos/diloz/sets/72157624696316466/

    blogged: dilozoblogde.blogspot.com/2010/08/mt-fuji-up-in-sky.html

    “Happy Birthday” behind the scenes
    funny video

    Image by Bob Bekian
    Bob Bekian Photos

    Read the blog post here.

    Santa Monica Studio

    Gerard Butler To Play ‘Perverse Leprechaun’ In Peter Farrelly Sketch Comedy:
    ‘It’s very funny. It’s insane,’ actor says at premiere of ‘Bounty Hunter.’
    By Eric Ditzian (@ericditzian) , with reporting by Lindsay S
    "I play the most perverse, disturbing, disgusting, foul-mouthed leprechaun you could ever imagine," he said. "I’ve been kidnapped by Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott so they can get their pot of gold. They don’t really quite realize what they’ve bargained for. They land themselves in a bit of trouble."

    It gets better still. To fit into the shoes of a wee leprechaun, the famously buff star of "300" and "Gamer" will be swapping out his body for that of another actor for some CGI-assisted comedy.

    "It’s funny because we’re using that technology from ‘Benjamin Button’ — what’s the politically correct term? A little person? — and they’re going to put my head onto the little person," Butler said. "It’s very funny. It’s insane."

    Wait, are you messing with us? Is this a St. Patrick’s Day prank or something?

    "It’s for real," the Scottish-born actor assured us. "You have to see it to believe it."


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    3 Responses to “Mt Fuji 9th Station, waiting for sun to rise”

    1. emadivine says:

      is that a moon on top of the snowcap?

    2. diloz says:

      nope.it was headlight i think.

    3. syahril  says:

      selamat kembali ;-)
      Ak pi time 1 nen, ada camera tp x tau apa2. Terasa rugi sgt2 ;-(

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