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    2012 - 02.20

    Check out these funny video images:

    Baggy (Wow totally can’t think of a name :P and really long description)
    funny video

    Image by Serena.
    I honestly wasn’t sure if I should post this picture since it’s like the final round and some people haven’t turned theirs in but now that I think about it, if you haven’t started now then you’ll never make it so i’m guessing the people who haven’t turned it in already have a start.

    I was really wimpy and did not have the courage to post this, but then I saw Amandi post hers (which is btw like OMFG amazing o___o) so she brought out the bravery in me!

    I’m really nervous since this is the final round and i’m not sure how I did. I guess I like this picture I mean I put a lot of effort into it =/

    Okay none of you want to hear me babble.

    But as my daily knowledge that I bring in the descriptions in every flickr picture I upload, anyone heard of Fred yet? It’s the new Chris Crocker!


    I love him but I don’t know if I can say he’s attractive cause that would be kind of pedophilish :P he’s a grade lower then me…so would it be like pedophile-ish to say he’s adorable? Haha okay erasing that though.
    Watch the videos, their so phsyco funny.

    okay call me a pedophile, I don’t care anymore! But I still wish he was older…and didn’t love Hannah montana as much because that just makes you seem gay, no matter how much you’re joking.

    BTW I’m not a stalker! hahaha as much information as I know about Fred (aka lucas) soo not a stalker.

    okay maybe…

    Btw in english when we did our shakespeare skits, this guy who moved here from Russia had like a MAJOR boner, and he was wearing sweatpants so it was like…really sticking out. EEWWW omg. Okay so everyone started laughing, and my english teacher like freaked out cause she didn’t know how to deal. The funny thing is that the guy didn’t notice, I mean wouldn’t you feel..it…okay i’m not a guy so I wouldn’t know. But he could have hid it with his script! God I was like laughing really hard but I just feel bad for him ): Mostly in thin material sweatpants!

    Oh well, atleast today he experienced puberty. He is now a man!

    But the image still haunts me, it was really disturbing. My teacher had them perform last so he can have a few minutes, you have no idea how hard it is to act when you’ve just seen that. I couldn’t stop laughing!

    Okay a really long description, I swear i’m done. And a big thanks to everyone who takes time to read my ridiculous thoughts.

    PEACE! (oh and goodluck and best wishes to Kiki, Bailey and Amandi who are the finalists for Techinical and all deserve to win!)

    The Edge of Chile
    funny video

    Image by Stuck in Customs
    Daily Photo – The Edge of Chile
    Today’s photo comes from the from the very southern tip of the Americas. It is a bitterly cold place, even in the summer. I believe that the glaciation period is relatively recent, so the peaks are extra jagged and everything feels fresh and raw.

    I can’t believe there are actually people that climb this thing! It was hard enough getting myself up high enough on a distant peak to take this shot. Then again, I’m not exactly in mountain-climbing shape. I’ve heard the old answer to the question, "Why do you climb the mountain?" The answer is always, "Because it’s there". Funny — that is my same answer when people ask my why I don’t want to climb the mountain.
    Abduzeedo Gets the Exclusive!
    I have released a new video today that you just gotta see. The Exclusive rights to show it were nabbed up by abduzeedo.com/video-week-japan-heartbeats-time-trey-ratcliff and the amazing team of Fabio, Gisele, and all the other from that Brazilian Design Powerhouse! Fabio actually came to my Google Talk on HDR Photography in Mountain View, so it was really cool to meet him in person.

    We will be showing the video here on StuckInCustoms tomorrow, but you should head over to Abduzeedo in the meantime. That site is a constant source of artistic inspiration for me… I think you will dig it too.
    New Shot from the Textures Tutorial
    Today’s photo below was made with a few of my 150 Textures from the popular Textures Tutorial. The downloads on this thing have been crazy… There is even an illegal site out there that shows over 30,000 downloads. Pirates! Anyway, I know none of you nice people would do such a thing… so I appreciate the support you give your friendly internet artists! :)

    William Beem recently put up a review on the aptly named williambeem.com/2010/05/19/review-trey-ratcliffs-texture-… – I can tell from that photo that he is really getting the hang of it – cool!

    From Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com

    chanson (day 35 of 365)
    funny video

    Image by stephenvance
    check this video out about the shoot.
    it’s pretty funny. it starts at about 1:00

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    45 Responses to “Cool Funny Video images”

    1. (Gabe) says:

      BAHAHAHAHAHA That must have been really embarassing for the Russian guy :P Well, I’m a guy, and I’m pretty sure that he probably felt it, most guys do. I mean, especially since he was wearing sweat pants. Maybe he was trying to pretend not to notice it so people wouldn’t think he had one. idk XD

      About the picture, it’s GORGEOUS! Ada looks really nice and the hair really suits her. Honestly, if this was the first page in an editorial, I would eagerly flip the page to see more. The styling is great, and the colors really compliment eachother well :)

      I LOVE FRED VIDEOS! My favorite has to be the babysitting one. It’s so weird how he has a girly voice and his mom has a manish voice. lol.

    2. not using this says:

      Lovely sim and pose she looks so…forlorn. :0 But in the best and most-high-fashion-way possible. If that makes any sense at all.

      And woooo Fred I love that one Valentine video. Btw. you are not a pedophile okay? I mean I’m like, 19…

      Wow I probably creeped a out ton of ppl out here. XDDDD I SWEAR I JUST LOOK OKAY NOTHING ELSE.

    3. _Shoval says:

      Great pose!

    4. A I M E E E says:

      omg this is amazing!

      Too bad for the russian guy. LOL
      But anyways, this picture is simply amazing!
      You did a really Great Job!

    5. Lesley <3 says:

      Oh Serena!
      The hair
      The frickin’ hair.
      Love it.
      This is gorgeous.

    6. °M@x° says:

      the pose is so highfashion…wow
      and her face and hair is amazing :)

    7. lill♥ says:

      Excellent photo! <3!
      I just watched Fred Goes to the Dentist…….it was hilarious.
      and………awww for the Russian boy. :)

    8. illy. says:

      Amazing photo!

    9. єммy says:

      FRREEEDDD XD duuude i love him XD
      and this editing is just
      woah stunning/flawless

    10. ahhmed says:

      Okay first… this picture is amazing! Love the shading, the pose; everything! I think you have a really good shot at winning :)

      Now on the the Fred thing, I’ve been watching him for a while! He’s sooooo damn hilarious! Have you seen his Christmas episode or the babysitter one? LMAO!! Now those are hella funny. I don’t think he’s actually similar to Chris Crocker though… no one liked him, LOL. But Fredy is awesome.

      Now the boner thing, wow, I feel for him. If that happened to me, I think I would murder myself; for real. But yeah, I’m pretty sure he noticed. It’s kinda hard not to notice. Maybe he was just hoping no one would notice. I feel really bad for him. ):

    11. Coffee Shop :] says:

      WHOAH!!!!!!!! :D DD
      AMAZING pic!!!
      This is so fucking gorgeous! Amazing!
      Fantabulous! I can honestly not stop spewing compliments!
      It’s that fucking amazing!
      Holy shit! This is great! :D DD

    12. Lou_XO says:

      This is sooo amazing… and she is absolutely sooo gorgeous. OOOOOh Ada. I luv her….lol. She is such a cutie. *pinches cheeks*

    13. bℓurry.яefℓections says:


      ahahaha & yess I love that Fred dood.

      Poor Russian boy D:

    14. Vann__ says:

      Look at that hair =O And the bag O_O afjojif=523uroijgaiuriqwojrmkgm!!!

      LOL@Russian boy XD I guess Shakespeare is a turn on O_O I hate Shakespeare though XD DIE MACBETH!!!! And was he at least semi-good looking or what XD?

    15. emzily. says:

      1st: LOLAHAHAH @ Russian boner guy. XD

      2nd: O_O

      3rd: O___O_ODFsfsfkjd

      4th: …omfg.

      5th: DAYUUM, Serena. You have some serious hair drawing skills. And your sims always have the best poses going on. I admire your work very much. :D (…probably haven’t made that clear since I don’t comment your pictures much..but..just my fault. Laziness. It runs deep. XD)

      6th: I has added you to facebook. 8D (Emily L.) Just so you know. You don’t have to accept if you don’t want to. It’s fine. :3

      7th: AGAIN, fantastic photo. <33

    16. * james says:

      THIS IS stunningg <33
      Looovin it (:

      HAHA. Fred xD
      I’ve seen a bunch of his videoss.

    17. CM// says:

      tha is sooo real. love it.

    18. Белоснежка says:

      gorgeous sim 8D

    19. resse81 says:

      I love this, the intensity in her facial expression is flawless. The pose is amazing, beautiful photo!!!

    20. Katherine. says:

      Wowza! Was this with simpose? If yes then that is fu**in amazing! Same if its frankensteined though! Ahhhh so awesome! xxx

    21. ruisughh! says:

      this is gorgeous!
      i love the lighting and pose~
      plus the way she holds that bag is perfect <3

    22. Jenny Karpat says:

      Uau, perfect! *-*
      thanks for added me…

    23. a l e . says:


      This pic is so perfect!!!


    24. Pâm Finchy says:

      Thoughts are not ridiculous.
      I love what you write and I confess that today laugh. principalemnte with Fred (same.. does not understand much what he says, which makes it a little more fun in my understanding). hahaha

      The picture is very good and there is no reason to fear, because it is hard to beat someone.
      congratulations !!

      ps. sorry my english

    25. alan_godber says:

      Great pic as usual, but where’s the sky??

    26. bianca.joy says:

      i love the compo with the candles.
      very nice pic.

    27. Lux_Imagery says:

      This is awesome, terrific idea and love that smile!

    28. Mars Observer says:

      Nice image – great lighiing… and smile!

    29. jacqtai (super lazy) says:

      Love the tone and lighting…, great setting…, and she is gorgeous~~~

    30. RuudMorijn says:

      This is another beautiful picture. Nice shot of apretty woman. I like the composition and the atmosphere. Well done.

      Knop Witte waterlelie - Bud of European White Waterlily or White Lotus - Nymphaea alba
      Ik wens je een gelukkig en gezond 2010 – I wish you a happy and healthy 2010 – Je vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse 2010 – Ich wünsche Ihnen ein glückliches und gesundes Jahr 2010 – 我祝你愉快,健康及2010年。- Я желаю вам счастья и здоровья 2010 -. سعيدة وصحية عام 2010

    31. Joseph Kravis says:

      Nice lighting and tones.

    32. Guib_Did says:

      Lovely pic.! well done !!

    33. Rummy M says:

      Great pic! Love the lighting

    34. vishals fotographie says:

      beautiful :)

    35. Gabytta78 says:

      Hi, I’m an admin for a group called InTeNCidAD, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

    36. Kuro no Kishi says:

      Great pose, attitude and composition !!!

    37. vitorhirota says:

      lovely shot

    38. imagejoe says:

      This image was viewed in
      Image Gallery !!!
      Image Gallery !!!

    39. ImranAnwar says:

      Can’t hold a candle to such loveliness :-)


      ImranAnwar. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

    40. aaronhallcain says:

      I like the idea of the candles, they are very soft, but piercing. This is well done.

    41. Anett Budai says:

      lovely and beautiful

      This is truly a remarkable photograph.
      Thank you for adding it to "Lux Top 100"

      Danielle: Wildflower
      Don’t forget please tag image with "LuxTop100"

    42. Foantje.com says:

      Great shot love it!

    43. Trevi2009 Finito says:

      Nice composition, her hair and skin are really good, congrats

      Seen in my contacts’ photos. ( ?² )

    44. Felipe Ramalho - fotografia says:

      beautiful shot, lighting and composition

    45. fridomfayta da tj says:

      Hi, I’m an admin for a group called SHOW THE BEST (Post 1 ,Award 3), and we’d love to have this added to the group!


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